Celebrating the Independent's of Chichester

Who isn't loving this time of year?

Sunshine into the evening hours, a British heatwave and the World Cup!

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That isn't all we are celebrating in Chichester this month, July is Independent Business Month, time to support your local high street businesses and stay local. Independent cafés and restaurants tend to take a more artisanal approach to the business, the food and drinks are created by talented, skilled local people.

At Purchases we are passionate about using local produce and supporting local businesses, the majority of our food ingredients are sourced from local suppliers, including our butchers, fisherman and vegetable farmers. Even at the Purchases bar, we do our best to source local companies, including Chilgrove Spirits, Tinwood Wines and Jarrold's Gin.

The Independent Retailer month is an annual campaign running across Chichester throughout July. Created to highlight the importance of smaller, local retailers and the part they play in the community they serve and the local economy they contribute to. 

As you will see whilst wandering around the city, several restaurants, cafés and retailers have displayed the Independence flags and bunting. We have one of the highest ratios of independents to national stores, however, only 16% of the restaurants and cafés around Chichester are those belonging to an independent business owner.

This July, why not dedicate your shopping and dining experience to Independent retailers. We all know how much pressure city centre businesses are under and now is your chance to support your local! For more information about Independents Month visit: chichesterbid.co.uk



Dan Bullock