Say Cheers with a Prosecco Bellini

Cocktails don't come much more classic than The Bellini - Add some sparkle to your glass!


Originating in the 1930s in Venice, Italy, it is a simple, elegant cocktail made with Prosecco and stirred gently with a fresh, peach purée.

It wasn't until 1948 that Giuseppe Cipriani, founder of Harry's Bar in Venice and creator of the Bellini, named his cocktail after the rosy colours (similar to those of the drink) of the toga worn in a painting by 15th century Renaissance painter, Giovanni Bellini.

Screen Shot 2018-06-25 at 14.06.39.png

These Prosecco cocktails bring elegance to our cocktail list and are the perfect light, refreshing drink to enjoy throughout the summer months. Although a traditional Bellini uses a peach puree, we have put a twist on the classic drink by using fruity liqueurs and juices to create a glass full of flavour and a deliciously sparking, blushing cocktail! 

—  The Passionfruit Bellini  —
Passionfruit Liqueur and Strawberry  

—  The Rhubarb and Orange  —
Rhubarb Liqueur, Orange Juice and Star Anise   

—  The Elderflower  —
Elderflower, Apple Juice and Fresh Mint  

—  The Raspberry and Basil —
Raspberry Liqueur and Fresh Basil

While it might not be the Venetian air you breathe in as you sip your drink, here's to a happy summer at Purchases Bar and Restaurant! 

Dan Bullock