Taste the flavours of Summer!

The changing of seasons is exciting for many reasons, but here at Purchases Restaurant it means new menu items! Our Chef has added some beautiful new summer dishes that are sure to delight. We have a new Set Menu for you to indulge in, available Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner - 2 courses for £21.95 or 3 courses for £24.95.

Pea and Broad Bean Salad  with Poached Egg 

Pea and Broad Bean Salad with Poached Egg 

Get all the flavours of a Summer garden with our starter, the Pea and Broad Bean Salad finished off with a Poached Egg. Celebrate the 'nutty' and tender seasonal broad bean with the sweetness of peas. Both peas and broad beans are classic early summer vegetables when they are both at their most sweetest. 

Pan-Fried Fillet of Sea Bream  with Champ Mash, Tenderstem Broccoli and Sauce Vierge 

Pan-Fried Fillet of Sea Bream with Champ Mash, Tenderstem Broccoli and Sauce Vierge 

Just like fruits and vegetables, seafood produce also have their own seasons; Sea Bream is in it's prime during July, August and September.

The delicate white fish is a uniquely tasty, sweet-fleshed fish, it's natural home is the Mediterranean and works best with these flavours such as basil, tomato and lemon. This dish is a great summer addition to the menu for light, fresh eating and served with a sauce vierge made from olive oil, lemon juice, chopped tomato and chopped basil, it is a beautiful way of serving the fish - encouraging all the flavours to mingle.

The dish is complete with an ultra creamy Champ Mash and the unique flavours and textures of Tenderstem Broccoli. The mild, yet vibrant notes provide the perfect accompaniment to the fish becoming an instantly refreshing summer dish.

Eton Mess  with Pineapple, Kiwi and Mango served with Lemon Sorbet

Eton Mess with Pineapple, Kiwi and Mango served with Lemon Sorbet

Save room for pudding, Few desserts say Summer like Eton Mess, the traditional English dessert, first mentioned in 1983, it is commonly believed to originate from Eton College, having been served at the annual cricket match against the pupils of Harrow School.

Eton Mess was originally made with either strawberries or bananas and mixed with ice-cream or cream, meringue was a later addition. At Purchases, we have put our twist on the original, creating a tropical feel using the deliciously sweet and tangy, kiwi, pineapple and mango. These tropical super-fruits are in their prime through the Spring and Summer, and the wonderful flavours make them a refreshing favourite. Paired with our homemade lemon sorbet, the dessert proves to be a very light and refreshing end to your meal.

Dan Bullock