How to Hygge in Spring


You may not be aware of the term hygge, although most of you will have spent the winter evenings embracing the concept, wrapped up in a blanket, sitting by the fire surrounded by warming candles burning - it's time to now embrace springtime.

Hygge doesn't need to end just because the days are getting longer and warmer, hygge is all about the enjoyment of life with the company of friends and family, this is an all year round celebration.

Here are our top five tips on how to hygge throughout spring;

  • Spring Clean - the beginning of a new season is the perfect time to eliminate clutter and to get organised and rid of unwanted items, donate unwanted clothes and toys and sort through cupboards. The Danish are big on being free of those things that don't bring us joy.
  • Hygge begins at home - brighten up your home with lighter fabrics and brighter colours, swap thick blankets for lighter throws. Candles aren't just for winter months - invest in candles with floral and citrus scents, these will help freshen up your house.. Spring also brings blooming flowers, welcome them into your home - floral displays will create calmness and will lift your mood.
  • Enjoy good company - Spend plenty of time with loved ones, take time out of busy lifestyles and schedule in some quality time with friends and family. With the warmer weather and lighter nights, an evening walk and bite to eat is a great way to switch off and socialise.
  • Seasonal Food - The winter is all about warming, comfort foods, this time of year brings fresh produce whether that be meat or vegetables. April and May are the perfect months to eat healthy, lighter meals - whether that be at home or dining out, ensure to create fun moments for yourself with friends and family. Experiment and try something new, how about growing your own fresh, herb garden - there are no excuses no matter where you live and these can be used to flavour any homemade dish.
  • Enjoy the Fresh Air - open up the windows and let the fresh, spring air flow through your home. Springtime means warmer and brighter days, embrace the nicer weather and let the sunlight beam throughout the house, it will create a soothing, calm atmosphere.

In March 2018, the top 3 happiest countries worldwide as voted by 'The World Happiness Report' were all Scandinavian countries (Denmark, Norway and Finland) all of which embrace Hygge all year round and are voted the most peaceful countries - is this is not convincing enough to take a leaf out of their book?

Let us know how you get on - Happy Hygge!




Dan Bullock