Introduction to Jarrold's

For those of you who are gin lovers may have already tried Jarrold's London Dry Gin, a gin produced at The Nodding Donkey Distillery in Chichester, with a fusion of Dutch and English gin traditions and heavier notes of Juniper.

For anyone who is yet to try this spectacular gin, then a visit to Purchases this Summer is a must..

Last week, a few members of the Purchases team had the opportunity to visit the distillery and it was a truly amazing insight into the behind the scenes of producing Jarrold's Gin. Meeting Jamie and Nichola, the creators and distillers of the gin, deliver the story of how they got started as a distiller. Their story is both interesting and fascinating and their passion for gin is infectious.

“Inspired by the revival in what we’ve always thought of as a stunning and versatile spirit, we wanted to make a robust gin with heavy notes of juniper but one which was perfectly balanced by the other botanicals”

The magnificent copper still was made in Germany, it is a traditionally designed 250 litre pot with an electric temperature control. Jamie and Nichola admit that it has taken them two years to get to this point of success, although the result is a super smooth beautifully balanced gin. Travelling the world has exposed them to a selection of rich ingredients and this is where their love for the botanicals began, Juniper, Persian Limes, Grains of Paradise, Coriander, Angelica, Cardamom and Calamus are all used.

"Persian limes are key in our flavour profile and always remind us of all the amazing people we met in those places"

Jamie tells us that he runs the still at least once a week, heating the spirit and botanicals to just the right temperature, keeping the still at a slow simmer so the liquid releases the flavours. Once the vapour has turned back into a liquid through the condenser and has cooled in the tanks, it is transferred into one of the many stainless steel churns we see organised in line. It then rests for a week before being cut back with local water.

As well as their London Dry Gin, Jamie and Nichola also create a Sloe Gin, with locally picked sloes - handpicked by themselves from the bushes around West Sussex, we cheekily ask what if they can’t find any, but Jamie insists they know all the best spots! They rest the Sloe Gin for around nine months, we are lucky to see the many shelves of it being prepared in the bottles.

If these two gins weren't enough, they are currently working on a third - Their Rhubarb Gin, coming soon.

Nichola tells us that they are more than happy to show gin lovers around the distillery located at their home, (although currently looking to expand) and often have locals knocking on their door wanting to buy a bottle! It definitely is refreshing to have a local home grown gin, created just around the corner!



Dan Bullock