Purchases welcomes back a familiar face!

We are very excited to announce that Jonny Doyle has rejoined the Purchases team as our full time barman - just in time for the Spring season to kick in and the cocktails to start flowing!

Screen Shot 2018-03-20 at 19.34.13.png

Jonny has spent the past 5 months travelling across South America with friends, visiting and exploring 13 countries in this time.


“I travelled from Cancun in Mexico to Rio in Brazil over a 5 month period, experiencing culture, wildlife, history, scenery and local beers. It’s great to be back and drinking proper beer again, although I had planned to miss out on the winter weather and instead arrived back to the cold beast from the east - bit of a shock to the system! Especially in March! ”


We welcomed Jonny back to Chichester this week, although we are still patiently waiting to receive our souvenirs!!

Make sure you pop in and say hello and hear one of his many travelling stories, great to have you back behind the bar Jonny - now the hard work begins!

Dan Bullock