The game is on at Purchases this season!

October brings a whole new chapter of colours and flavours to the Purchases Restaurant menu!

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Our game is definitely on this season and comes in the form of Grouse, considered to be the king of all the feathered game. Native to Scotland, although found elsewhere in the UK, it has the darkest meat of all the game birds with a rich, red flesh bursting with an intensely deep gamey flavour. Commonly associated with the autumn and winter months, grouse pairs perfectly with seasonal fruit and vegetables and needs to be balanced by sweet and sour accompaniments.


Our dish of the month on our A la Carte menu is Pan-Fried Grouse Breast with Blackberry Mousse, Confit Claw, Blackberry Powder, Parsnip Rosti and Grué de Cacao Sauce. When pairing the grouse with a wine from the Purchases collection, our recommendation would be Featherdrop Hill Pinot Noir, from Hawkes Bay, New Zealand 2016. Complementing the food with it’s blackberry and raspberry notes, with smoky oak and floral textures - the finish is long and soft, with an elegant fruity flavour. If you would prefer a cocktail to pair with the dish, our Autumn favourite and newest addition, The Bramble, with Portobello Road Gin, Lemon and Lime Juice, Blackcurrant Liqueur and a Blackberry Garnish has sweet and sour tones - perfect to balance with the Grouse.

Dan Bullock